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Bank Foreclosure Process

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 29, 2020

What is the bank foreclosure process?  If you answer “Yes” to the following questions, you may find out fairly soon. Are you having difficulty paying the mortgage? Do you have very little savings for emergencies? Do you use credit cards to get to the next payday? Are you only paying the minimum on your cards […]

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Which Investing Strategies Work Best for You

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 22, 2020

Determining which investing strategies work best for you comes down to the type of person you are. Are you a risk-taker that wants to make fast cash? Or would you prefer to take things slow and reap more significant benefits in the long term? Short Term vs. Long Term Investment Strategies Short Term Real Estate […]

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Challenges of Selling an Inherited Property

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 15, 2020

Over the next four decades, boomers will inherit upwards of $27 trillion. Selling a house you inherited could increase your savings account, and get you closer to your long-term goals of retirement or providing a college education. Your relationship with your siblings could take a twist if they have different ideas of what you should do with […]

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The Short Sale Process Explained

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 8, 2020

In the Omaha area, there are quite a few homes in foreclosure, and with markets in turmoil, who knows the future. A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure and a way to move on from a bad investment. Many have heard of a short sale, but few understand the concept. So let’s have the […]

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6 Pieces of Advice to REI to Start 2020

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 1, 2020

With the end of one year and the beginning of another, what better time to reflect and, as a mentor, offer 6 pieces of advice to REI to start 2020. 6 Pieces of Advice to REI to Start 2020 Start Investing Early This is the most obvious one— just about everyone I know wishes they […]

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