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Ten Signs Your Omaha Home is Overpriced

Posted by Shawn Simpson // August 26, 2020

Pricing your home correctly from the beginning is critical. If you’re selling your home in Omaha, you need to understand that the most common reason a home doesn’t sell is that it is overpriced. It doesn’t matter if other homes in your neighborhood list at the same price. It is more important to know at […]

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Buying From A Distressed Homeowner

Posted by Shawn Simpson // August 19, 2020

Buying from a distressed homeowner is a deal that can benefit both parties. We get a good deal, and they get out of a financial jam.  Why is it that distressed homeowners in Omaha are not willing sellers? If you are an investor who has encountered this issue, you may wonder why a seller who […]

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Screening and Selecting Tenants

Posted by Shawn Simpson // August 12, 2020

We have an eviction problem in the U.S. brought on by COVID 19 and the loss of jobs. These are unusual circumstances. The number of people across the U.S. believed to be on the edge of eviction for non-payment of rent is a staggering 18 million renters. No landlord wants to go through evicting a […]

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A Deluge of Evictions

Posted by Shawn Simpson // August 5, 2020

America is facing a deluge of evictions. Each year in the United States, about 3.7 million evictions occur, according to Matthew Desmond, principal investigator of Princeton University’s “Eviction Lab” project. The Lab tracks evictions throughout the country and produces the first nationwide eviction database. Because of coronavirus and the massive loss of jobs, 28 million […]

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