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Have You Missed Plumbing Problems?

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 27, 2021

I noticed that homes are flying off the shelves in the U.S and Canadian cities. Homebuyers are paying over the asking prices, and houses for sale can be gone in less than a  week. That means to me that in all the excitement of bidding on a house, as RealtyBiz writes, “It is easy to […]

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We Pay Cash for Omaha Houses

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 20, 2021

Housing is flying off the shelves in Omaha.  For example, the Omaha World-Herald calls it an “outrageous” market in 3 Tactics For First-Time Homebuyers In An Outrageous Market.  Why should I pay attention to an article titled we pay cash for  Omaha houses? We Buy Omaha houses for Cash for Many Reasons Debt Financial challenges […]

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Pest Control

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 6, 2021

At times, it is good to seek a pest control company’s services rather than trying to do it yourself. This is the case when your pest problem is ongoing, or the pest infestation has become extensive. Unfortunately, getting the best pest control can prove to be a daunting task. To avoid going through a lot, […]

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