How to Negotiate Your Next Real Estate Transaction

Posted by Shawn Simpson // December 4, 2019

We are currently involved in two real estate transactions as sellers. One is a small property big enough for a gas station and a tire store. We offered the small property for $200,000 and found a buyer immediately. He agreed to our price for cash. We closed the following week. We had to learn how […]

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The Impact of Foreclosure on Your Credit

Posted by Shawn Simpson // November 27, 2019

The impact of foreclosure on your credit can mar your credit report for seven years from the date of your first missed payment. According to U.S. News, “During that time, it can affect your credit score and the way other lenders view your creditworthiness in the future.” The Impact of Foreclosure on Your Credit Financial Samurai tells us, […]

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10 Helpful Tips for Self Managing Your Rentals

Posted by Shawn Simpson // November 20, 2019

As the owner of a rental property, you have to decide whether to self-manage your rental property or hire a professional property management company. If you own multiple rental properties, or your rental property is out of town it makes more sense to hire professional management services. But if you have one or two properties, it’s best […]

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How to Attract Tenants to Your Rental Property

Posted by Shawn Simpson // November 13, 2019

How to attract tenants to your rental property. When you buy rental properties, you can attract all sorts of tenants. Some can be terrors who set you back by the amount of money required for reconstruction of the rental unit. That kind of tenant will have to be evicted. On the other hand, you can have […]

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Companies That Buy Houses

Posted by Shawn Simpson // October 30, 2019

Have you seen those signs that say, “We Buy Houses for Cash?” Some homeowners need to sell fast. There are companies that buy houses.  Styl Properties, Inc. is the premier company In Omaha that buys houses for cash. Companies That Buy Houses for Four Main Reasons Debt – Financial challenges are the primary motivators for […]

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Do Vacation Homes Make Smart Investments?

Posted by Shawn Simpson // October 23, 2019

Do vacation homes make smart investments? It depends on who you ask. Maximum Exposure Real Estate opines, “Buying a vacation home is great for a number of reasons. Not only does it serve as a great place to spend time away from the world, but it also works as an excellent investment for you as […]

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I’m in Probate Should I Sell My House?

Posted by Shawn Simpson // October 16, 2019

I’m in probate should I sell my house? There are few shoulds in probate, especially while dealing with an inherited house. During the probate process, you can effectuate a sale. Even when someone dies intestate or without bequeathing their property, there are sales. When that happens, the state takes over and administers the property’s sale. The court […]

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Are You Working with an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent?

Posted by Shawn Simpson // October 9, 2019

Are you working with an investor friendly real estate agent? Forbes writes, “Finding an investor-friendly real estate agent can be tough, but it helps when you know what to look for. What you think would make an agent great for investors may not actually be the traits to look out for. What is an investor-friendly […]

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Need to Sell My House Fast

Posted by Shawn Simpson // October 2, 2019

I have the need to sell my house fast. There are burning reasons to sell my house quickly in Omaha. The rapid change of a company moving out of the country, wiping out my income; the toll of too much debt, leading to a default on our mortgage payments; divorce, death in the family. and […]

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Pre-Qualifications vs Pre-Approval, What’s the Difference?

Posted by Shawn Simpson // September 25, 2019

The terms pre-qualifications vs. pre-approval, what’s the difference? The two terms are often used interchangeably, both by homebuyers and by some real estate professionals. However, they have completely different meanings and it’s important to know the difference. Pre-Qualifications vs Pre-Approval, What’s the Difference? In a nutshell, a mortgage pre-qualification generally occurs when you fill out some basic […]

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