To Cover Retiree Living Expenses

Posted by Shawn Simpson // February 10, 2021

According to Realty Biz News, “Most imagine retirement as a time of boundless leisure time, month-long vacations, and worry-free days. But for many retirees in the time of COVID, this is not the reality retirees face. According to Clever’s new study, many have not been saving enough, putting them in dire straits during the pandemic. Instead […]

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Foreclosure Filings in the U.S. Rose

Posted by Shawn Simpson // November 25, 2020

The Thanksgiving season brings some bad news for some. Realty Biz News reports, “The number of foreclosure filings in the U.S. rose almost 20% compared to the previous month during October. How will you avoid foreclosure?” “ATTOM Data Solutions, which said foreclosure filings include default notices, bank repossessions, and scheduled auctions and said the COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Covid-19 is Still Causing Financial Distress

Posted by Shawn Simpson // October 7, 2020

Mike Fratantoni, MBA’s chief economist, said, “The significant churn in the labor market now, more than six months into the pandemic, Covid-19 is still causing financial distress for millions of homeowners.” About 29% of total loans in forbearance are in the initial plan stage, while 70% are in a forbearance extension, MBA said. The remaining 1.4% are forbearance […]

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Zombie Homes Sitting Vacant

Posted by Shawn Simpson // September 2, 2020

Yesterday, ATTOM Data Solutions released its Vacant Property and Zombie Foreclosure Report for the third quarter of 2020, finding that just over 1.5 million U.S. residential properties, or 1.6 percent of all homes in the country, are currently zombie homes sitting vacant. Zombie foreclosures occur when a home is left vacant by homeowners who incorrectly believe they […]

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Buying From A Distressed Homeowner

Posted by Shawn Simpson // August 19, 2020

Buying from a distressed homeowner is a deal that can benefit both parties. We get a good deal, and they get out of a financial jam.  Why is it that distressed homeowners in Omaha are not willing sellers? If you are an investor who has encountered this issue, you may wonder why a seller who […]

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A Deluge of Evictions

Posted by Shawn Simpson // August 5, 2020

America is facing a deluge of evictions. Each year in the United States, about 3.7 million evictions occur, according to Matthew Desmond, principal investigator of Princeton University’s “Eviction Lab” project. The Lab tracks evictions throughout the country and produces the first nationwide eviction database. Because of coronavirus and the massive loss of jobs, 28 million […]

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Home-Mortgage Delinquencies Surged

Posted by Shawn Simpson // June 24, 2020

The worst has yet to come for the real estate market as home-mortgage delinquencies surged to their highest level in nine years as the virus-induced economic downturn continues to crush household finances. Home-Mortgage Delinquencies Surged Property research firm Black Knight Inc. reports total borrowers more than 30 days late surged to 4.3 million in May, up 723,000 from the previous month. This means […]

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Facing Foreclosure and Need Help

Posted by Shawn Simpson // May 13, 2020

Thanks to the continued impact of COVID-19 on the economy, The Housing Wire, tells us that approximately 10% of borrowers whose mortgages are backed by the Federal Housing Administration or the Department of Veterans Affairs are in forbearance. That condition may mean that some percentage of borrowers may soon be facing foreclosure and need help. The data comes courtesy […]

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My Home Was Foreclosed On

Posted by Shawn Simpson // April 29, 2020

My home was foreclosed on. I received notice of foreclosure from my lender. First, they sent a notice stating that my payment(s) were late. Then they started calling warning about foreclosure if I didn’t bring things current. My home was foreclosed on. Can I remain in my home after it sold at a foreclosure sale? The […]

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Should You Buy a Foreclosed Home?

Posted by Shawn Simpson // April 22, 2020

Are you looking to buy a home to live in, rent out for income, or flip and sell? You may come across a foreclosed home or REO property in Omaha for sale. But is it a good idea? Should you buy a foreclosed home? According to A Million Acres, “After a homeowner fails to make payments, a bank forces the sale of […]

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