10 Favorite Nebraska Startup Stories of 2016

10 Favorite Nebraska Startup Stories of 2016

10 Favorite Nebraska Startup Stories of 2016It is not just Silicon Valley that invents stuff. Here according to Silicon Prairie News are their 10 favorite Nebraska startup stories of 2016.

The first 4 of 10 favorite Nebraska startup stories of 2016

  1. Quantified Ag’s LED tags light up to identify sick cattle (Lincoln). Are you familiar with FitBit? My wife wears one. It tells her how many steps and miles she walks each day. It also tells her how much sleep she gets each day. One of the hardest things to do is monitor livestock. Cows are prey animals, so if sick they mask their symptoms. Now, basically, Quantified Ag has given us a FitBit for cows.
  2. E-commerce company Spreetail wants “to make a dent in the universe” (Lincoln). Lincoln-based Spreetail brings you thousands of high quality brand-name products, and the lowest prices around.  Spreetail offers free 1 to 3-day shipping plus 60 day returns, and the kind of 1-on-1 service our own moms would be proud of. They go above and beyond, day and night, to deliver you the little things that make a big difference.
  3. Why ScoreVision could be the next Hudl (Omaha). ScoreVision is an Omaha-based technology company providing schools and sports facilities with all-digital scoreboards. These scoreboards deliver professional, jumbotron-like experiences, and their scoreboard is similar to those at the college or professional sports level.  At a fraction of the price! What’s HUDL? HUDL is the preferred game film solution for all sports teams
  4. Meet Liberty, the Uber-like service built for rural America (Lincoln). Liberty, one of Nebraska’s most exciting startups, improves mobility in rural areas, and the startup connects  with various types of public transportation like a rural Uber version. Our drivers can help improve service at night or on weekends, and they connect with a public transit bus even on the other side of the county.”

Here are the next five 0f 10 favorite Nebraska Startup Stories.

  1. Bulu goes on hiring spree to expand Bulu Marketplace (Lincoln).  Bulu Box is a data-driven, proprietary matchmaking platform, and is  built to connect retail buyers and consumer packaged goods suppliers.
  2. Feloh’s computer vision helps shoppers find the fastest line (Omaha). Feloh helps grocery shoppers find the fastest line, every time, and Feloh connects with an intuitive lighting system and computer vision.
  3. Hudl celebrates nearly 10 years of stunning growth at Topping Out ceremony (Lincoln). Just a couple of weeks shy of their 10th anniversary, sportstech company Hudl celebrated when they raised the final beam to the top of their new world headquarters in April.
  4. Crumb hopes to revolutionize the healthcare industry with its data-sharing platform (Omaha). SPN sat down with Crumb‘s Luis Lopez and talked about their product. Crumb hopes to untangle the mess of patient data in order to save lives.
  5. Hookline wants to transform the property management industry (Omaha). Hookline is a software platform that helps salespeople lease more apartments. How? “It will automate follow ups,  and generate custom landing pages for everyone who comes in and looks for an apartment.” It will automatically generate a landing page that the apartment hunter can go back and look at, and convert more apartment hunters to renters.

The last one of the 10 favorite Nebraska Startup Stories

  1. Why Silicon Valley startup Monolith expanded to Lincoln, Nebraska (Lincoln).This fall Monolith Materials has announced plans to open the first large-scale carbon black plant in the U.S. in over   30 years in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company projected in October that they will potentially create   600 new jobs. Monolith will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Nebraska over the long term. Carbon black is a commodity material used in tires, ink and electronics. Monolith’s proprietary manufacturing process uses natural gas instead of oil as a feedstock. “Using natural gas instead of oil allows us to be economically competitive. And it produces 90% fewer emissions, so it has an environmental advantage.”

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