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Not Really Sure

Posted by Shawn Simpson // June 29, 2022

How much will mortgage rates moving up a lot affect housing prices? Not really sure. We’re watching that quite carefully.” No one knows — not even the world’s most powerful central banker. During the news conference following last week’s meeting of the Federal Reserve Open Markets Committee, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged a sharp rise […]

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Misconceptions of First-Time Homebuyers

Posted by Shawn Simpson // June 22, 2022

Realty Biz News writes about misconceptions of first-time homebuyers. The number one misconception: Misconceptions of First-Time Homebuyers It’s cheaper to rent than own. This may be true if you’re planning to rent for a short period of time. But, if you’re planning to rent for several years, you might be better off purchasing a home. A […]

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Some Change

Posted by Shawn Simpson // June 15, 2022

Some change comes down for the betterYou feel it moveThen some come around like the weatherYou take that in tooBut like some change in your pocketSometimes it seems to be too little too late. Boz Scaggs Some Change. WOWT Six News said, “This week mortgage rates hit 5.23%. That rate was less than 3% this […]

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Stop Omaha Foreclosures

Posted by Shawn Simpson // June 8, 2022

Analysts say the U.S. is close to a recession because the FED is boosting interest rates to cool inflation. A recession means trouble for housing, rising unemployment, and businesses going bust. Here is critical information you need to stop Omaha foreclosures 9 Ways to Stop Omaha Foreclosures Bringing the Loan Current, aka Reinstatement – Believe it or […]

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