Best Places to Live in Nebraska

Best Places to Live in Nebraska

Best Places to Live in NebraskaThe Housing Predictor has a list of best places to live in Nebraska. The housing market in the state’s capital is looking pretty good this year.

The Lincoln NE real estate market is one of the most active in the area, right below Omaha, as far as the numbers of listings and transactions go. The median home value here (according to the Zillow experts) is $143,800, after a 3.2% rise during the past year and a continued 3.1% rise forecasted for the next year. The median rent price for both Lincoln and the Lincoln Metro area is $1200, a bit lower than the national average of $1381 but not by much.

The Omaha NE real estate field may look less valuable at a first glance, since the median home value here is only $135,700 (after a 5.5% rise during the past year and a predicted further rise of 3.0% in the next year as well), but it’s actually the market that all investors are looking to the most. This isn’t just because the sheer population size here is a bit larger, but also because simply put, the market’s temperature is way up. This means that there are a lot of listings (for both sales and rentals), as well as transactions, and that more real estate business gets done in Omaha, which makes it the most interesting market to look to for both prospective home owners and investors. The Zillow Omaha NE report rates the market as very healthy (an 8.2 out of 10 rating), and there are over 700 Trulia Omaha listings at this point.

The Bellevue NE real estate market is becoming quite attractive. The city looks great for those who are looking for a place more settled and quiet than Lincoln or Omaha, but also with plenty of opportunities for fun and being active. The median home value in Bellevue according to Zillow is $149,200, up by 2.3% since the same time last year and with a further 3.0% rise projected for the next year as well. Also, the rent price is $1,295 (in its median value), a little higher than what it is in the Omaha Metro (a median of $1,150).

The Grand Island NE real estate field is also looking pretty attractive to investors and prospective home owners alike. The median home value here (according to Zillow data) is $136,400, and the values have gone up by 2.1% during the past year. No further change in the median home value is predicted in the next year, but the market is evaluated as being very healthy (8.9 out of 10 rating) and stable.

The Kearney NE real estate field is pretty valuable. If you’re looking for life in a quiet town which is family friendly but not too family-centric either (only about 40% of households here are inhabited by married families), then Kearney is the ideal place. The average listing price for homes in Kearney, according to Trulia, is $264,432 (at the end of September 2015), while the median home value is $141,700 according to Reports indicate that the area of Kearney is also rich in infrastructure such as schools, high schools, hospitals, as well as entertainment ventures. The unemployment rate is 2.3% percent (much below the 6.0% national average), while the cost of living is reportedly 9.2% lower than the national average.

As for the Fremont NE real estate field, the reports indicate that the median home price here is $242,800, while the average commute time is 16.49 minutes and the unemployment rate only 3.4%. The housing market here is quite valuable, with the median prices being higher than both the county’s median (of $109,600) and the national median (of $170,100).

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