We Buy Omaha Homes for CASH

Posted by Shawn Simpson // March 31, 2022

Recently, a couple called us asking if they could sell their house fast for cash in Omaha. The couple felt calm, like being in the eye of a hurricane. We do! We buy Omaha homes for CASH. Scarlet and pale houses, houses on the water, and houses underwater. We told the couple we could do […]

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The Hispanic Community

Posted by Shawn Simpson // March 23, 2022

We wrote about the Hispanic community in 2016 with this blog post: “Hispanics Fastest-Growing Group in Nebraska.” Neil Terc at INMAN said the “Hispanic community is a group of hard-working and law-abiding citizens looking for ways to live the American dream.” Hispanics in the U.S. account for 40 percent of the household growth, and 672,000 Hispanic […]

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Rising Supply of Money Drives Inflation to New Highs

Posted by Shawn Simpson // March 16, 2022

According to data released by the U.S. Department of Labor last week, the rising supply of money drives inflation to new highs in the U.S… after months of asserting that inflation was temporary. Federal Reserve officials in late 2021 acknowledged that prices would likely NOT return to previous levels. “It was time to raise interest […]

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Practical Tips for a Smooth Relocation to Another State

Posted by Shawn Simpson // March 15, 2022

Few things are more overwhelming than moving homes. And when you’re relocating to another state, things can get even more stressful. But if you come at your move with a strategy and start tackling your to-do list early in the process, you can minimize the stress and set yourself up for a smooth transition. Below […]

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Should I Buy a Second Home

Posted by Shawn Simpson // March 9, 2022

Should I Buy A Second Home? In 2020, vacation home sales rose by 16.4%, according to the National Association of Realtors, outpacing the 5.6% growth in total existing-home sales. Meanwhile, vacation home sales between January and April of 2021 climbed 57.2% compared to that same period in 2020. What’s fueling that trend? The fact that […]

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An Obligation to Educate

Posted by Shawn Simpson // March 2, 2022

Anyone who writes about real estate has an obligation to educate newbies in real-estate lingo, like closing costs and home inspections. When you enter the real estate market you might feel, justifiably, that you must jump in quickly. What Are Closing Costs? Investopedia defines closing costs as “…the expenses over and above the property’s price […]

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Massive Fire Destroys Home

Posted by Shawn Simpson // March 1, 2022

KETV Newswatch 7 said, “Omaha firefighters called to the area of 85th and Cass streets around 4:30 a.m. Sunday” where a massive fire destroys home, found the house fully engulfed and destroyed. “Smoke was seen from miles away. Investigators said only one person, a man in his 80s, lived in the home at the time.“ […]

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A Reverse Mortgage

Posted by Shawn Simpson // February 16, 2022

The Superbowl carried ads for reverse mortgages that focused mainly on aging boomers and their finances. They talk about peace of mind. Someone said the reverse mortgage is the last thing that boomers would ever want, and they are the first thing they need as a last resort. What is a reverse mortgage? A Reverse […]

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Why Are Home Prices So Expensive Right Now?

Posted by Shawn Simpson // February 9, 2022

Matthew Frankel, CFP®, And Jason Hall, both contributors to The Motley Fool, recently asked the question. Their answer is interesting. There’s a housing shortage in the U.S., and home prices seem to keep going higher and higher. In this Fool Live video clip, Matt Frankel and Jason Hall discuss the current state of the U.S. housing market; […]

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When You Restrict the Supply, the Inevitable Happens

Posted by Shawn Simpson // January 26, 2022

When you restrict the supply, the inevitable happens: “Home values rose faster than ever in 2021. The median sales price for an existing home was $346,900, up a whopping 17% from the prior year,” says KIOS. But for those who already own the roof over their head, the typical American homeowner saw a gain of […]

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