Divorce Attorney Omaha NE

Divorce Attorney Omaha NE

Divorce Attorney Omaha NEThere are four life changes, in a basic way, which contribute to selling a house; divorce dominates the reasons to sell and is a time to call the divorce attorney Omaha NE. The other three reasons are Debt, too much debt can lead to foreclosure and bankruptcy. Death in the family can lead to the house being sold and the assets split by the heirs. Third is Downsizing. The kids have left home and the house is just too big for mom and dad. Of the four, I suspect divorce is the most hurtful and stressful.

Many people when confronted with the prospect of divorce want to know how assets will be divided. How they will maintain their standard of living? Who gets the house? How can the house be sold house fast?

Nebraska Legislature has adopted a “no-fault” divorce scheme permitting the dissolution of marriage upon a finding that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.

The Nebraska Dissolution Statutes authorize maintenance to either party, but there is no formula to determine how much either party pays. Factors include the length of the marriage, contributions by both parties to the marriage, and the earning capacity of each party.

There are two main types of divorce. The first is Amicable. The parties get together a list all the assets, decide how to split everything evenly. The house could go to one of the parties if the other side is equally compensated; or the two could decide the best thing to do is sell the house quickly and split the proceeds.

The second type of divorce is less than amicable; High-Asset Divorce. Movies have been made about this type of divorce involving private detectives and war. There is serious concern by both parties that they will be able to enjoy their same lifestyle after the divorce. If the decision is made to sell the house, many parties to the divorce want things done quickly so they can move on with their lives.

These issues make divorce a stressful time, even more so if there is child custody involved. I would guess the courts put more emphasis on keeping a parent and children in the house when it comes to settlement. Don’t forget debts are part of the process.

Child support can be one of the most heated issues of family law. The Nebraska Child Support Guidelines, created by the Nebraska Supreme Court, set forth the standards by which child support is calculated. The main principle is to recognize the duty of both parents to contribute to the support of their children in proportion to their respective net incomes.

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