DIY Makes Sense

DIY Makes Sense

DIY Makes SenseBudget is a key factor in any renovation project. If you can save even a little bit of money at any stage of the process but still end up with the same result, it’s worth finding ways to cut costs. Do it Yourself or DIY makes sense.

I think you need to have a frank discussion with yourself about your renovating skills and your ability to use the tools for the job. You want to finish the job looking like it was done professionally. You don’t want to hire a professional to fix what you did at additional cost. That is probably the biggest fear that keeps someone from taking on a project.

DIY Makes Sense

You can save money when renovating by taking on some jobs yourself. By the same token. there are certain jobs that should be left to someone with professional knowledge and training, due to the end quality of the work, a quicker completion of the task or simply to ensure everyone’s safety.

An example of things you should do yourself. When I was building my first house, I did things that would have cost me money to hire someone. I put up the insulation, rented a bobcat to level the front yard, and had fill delivered to the garage and compacted it before the cement was poured.

Here are some renovation jobs and tasks you should do yourself


Doing the internal painting yourself is an excellent way to save money on a renovation. It’s simple to do, there’s no safety risk, and you can paint over any mistakes. There’s also no need for any specialized or expensive equipment. Painting is one job you should definitely DIY.

Minor demolition work

If you need to strip and clear out a space before the renovation work can begin, there are usually plenty of simple jobs you can do yourself. Pulling up carpet and removing tiles and wallpaper are all easy, low-risk tasks that an amateur renovator can handle without expert help. In one house I knocked out a non-load bearing wall that opened up the kitchen and dining room

Outdoor work and landscaping

Putting in a new garden bed? Painting the driveway? Adding a front gate? These are all jobs you can probably take on yourself. The best thing about outdoor work is that even if it takes several weekends to complete, it won’t completely disrupt your life like an unfinished indoor renovation would.


DIY plastering is relatively easy. There are plenty of useful how-to guides and don’t forget YouTube explaining all the ins and outs of completing the job yourself, and there’s little risk of causing any significant damage to your home.

What should you leave for the professionals?


There’s no doubt about it. Most of us are not qualified. Electrical work is dangerous stuff, and the risk of electrocution or fire is very real


In most states, it’s mandatory to have a compliance certificate before completing any plumbing work.

Gas fitting

If you want to be cooking with gas in your new kitchen or using a gas hot water heater for your new shower, you’ll need to get a licensed gasfitter to take care of it for you.

Structural work

Any structural work on a renovation project needs to be done by a qualified licensed builder. If that wall I tore out was load-bearing, I would have been a fool to attempt it.

Major demolition work

Any heavy-duty demolition work or any demolition jobs on a property where asbestos could be an issue should be left to the professionals. Not only is there a very real safety risk if you don’t know what you’re doing, but there’s also the chance of causing serious structural damage to your home.

Floor sanding

I can just picture big gouges in my hardwood floor. No thanks! Leave the floor sanding to someone qualified and experienced.


While there may be some roofing jobs you can do yourself, such as replacing a few damaged tiles, this type of work is generally best left to the professionals. It is a long way down in places on my roof.

What about Tiling, Carpentry, and Bricklaying?

Are these DIY jobs? Certainly! However, you need to make sure you can do them. I like saving money, and I want to be proud of the renovation. DIY is wonderful to do both, but be smart. Bring in the professionals for the jobs that require special skills or are dangerous.

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