Five Red Flags When Choosing A Realtor

Five Red Flags When Choosing A Realtor

Looking to sell your house? Don’t fall victim to a realtor who isn’t a good fit for you. Here are five red flags when choosing a realtor, whether you’re buying or selling a property.

  1. They’re a Family Member or Friend

Even if your relative or friend is a talented realtor, it’s best to avoid working with them. They likely won’t know the specifics of your area. Someone else who works locally is more likely to get you a better deal.

Plus, working with a friend or family member can disrupt the process and cause resentment to build. I expected working with a family member or friend would result in a break in commissions—no such luck. She told me firmly and no wavering when I asked,  that the rate was 6%. I have had a slight resentment ever since.  Like with anything else, it’s best to keep work and personal relationships separate.

  1. They Don’t Know Your Area

A second red flag ties into the first sign to watch out for, but it also applies to strangers. Don’t go with a realtor who claims to be one of the top agents in your state. Instead, choose someone familiar with the property location.

It’s in your best interest to find an agent who regularly deals with the type of property you’re looking to buy or sell.

  1. They Don’t Have Credentials

A majority of real estate agents are undoubtedly charming. They possess many charismatic traits, like operating well under stress and handling defeated or frustrated clients, and project trustworthiness. That’s all fine, but It’s up to you to ensure they have the proper credentials.

Each state has specific requirements. For example, Nebraska law requires agents and brokers to complete 12 hours of post-license education within 180 days of licensure to avoid placement on inactive status. So make sure the realtor you choose has the required licenses and renewals before working with them.

  1. They Are Disorganized

A good agent is a good negotiator. They handle the particulars of your transaction and leave no detail unaddressed. Your realtor should be doing everything they can to close the sale. Here are a few examples of what a good realtor should be making sure of:

  • The buyer is pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • The issues discovered by the home inspection are solved.
  • The home is free of liens before its listing.
  1. They Are a One-Person Show

  2. An unqualified realtor is someone who doesn’t have a good network. An experienced agent should have several closing attorneys, home inspectors, and lenders on their side. These experts make a transaction more likely to occur successfully.

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