High Home Prices – Should I Sell My Investment Property?

High Home Prices – Should I Sell My Investment Property?

Sell Rental Property Avoid Capital Gains

High home prices – should I sell my investment property? Financial Samurai writes, “I believe the best holding period for real estate is forever. By not selling, real estate owners ride the unstoppable inflation wave and never have to pay any onerous commissions and long term capital gains tax. But forever is a long time.”

High Home Prices – Should I Sell My Investment Property?

The reasons some people sell are a little more complicated. According to Upside, Some of the most common reasons people sell investment properties are:

  • They need money – Whether it’s to improve cash flow or access money to put toward a better investment, many property owners simply want the funds that selling an investment property can provide.
  • Their needs have changed – Changes in financial or personal circumstances (such as growing a family) can mean having an investment property is no longer a feasible option.
  • Their marginal tax rate is low – Selling when taxable income is low usually equals less Capital Gains Taxes to pay.
  • The property isn’t performing as expected – Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a property market crystal ball, and sometimes performance expectations don’t come to fruition.
  • The potential for growth is low – If the market in a particular area has come to a standstill, investors may choose to get out before values drop further.

Considerations For When To Sell An Investment Property

  1. When you have a significant life event. There are some key life events that warrant the re-evaluation of owning investment properties: a new family member, a death in the family, a terrible accident that requires extra care, an unwanted layoff, or a job relocation, to name a few. Major life events may require more of your time or money. If you’re unable to work, some life events may necessitate that you keep your rental property for semi-passive income.
  2. When you have more significant sources of passive income. Besides rental income, there’s dividend income, bond income, REIT income, real estate crowdfunding income, P2P income, CD income, and royalty income.
  3. When your cap rate is below the risk-free rate of return. Think of a cap rate as your net rental yield. The Cap rate can be calculated as Net Operating Income / Value Of Property. NOI is calculated by subtracting all expenses from gross rental income. If the cap rate is below what you can earn in a risk-free 10-year Treasury bond doing nothing, you should consider selling because you’re not adequately compensated for the risk you are taking. Currently, the 10-year Treasury bond yields less than 1.4%.

Your gut is not a reliable indicator

People have been saying through the whole price explosion in real estate that prices can’t go any higher. After all, you need more income each year to afford a house, yet prices keep rising because of the lack of inventory. High home prices are not a reason to sell your investment property. Usually, prices run higher than you anticipate and selling leaves you out of the market with capital gains to pay.

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