Last Minute Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents | stylpeoperties

A real estate agent sold your house this year in an exceptional manner.  It sold for much higher than the listing price, or it sold in record time, or the agent went above and beyond to get a buyer to sign the offer sheet. A real estate gave you several high-quality leads to houses that you flipped.  You know when an agent makes a great impression on you with their professionalism and you are looking for last minute gift ideas for real estate agents.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Starbucks gift card
If you noticed a Starbucks cup in your agent’s hand or in the cupholders of her car rather than a generic tumbler, the Starbucks gift card would go over well.

Gift baskets
A gift basket is exciting. We all love food in the conference room. That food is even better when it’s delivered straight to your desk.

A bottle of wine is always appreciated.

If your agent brought the gorgeous centerpieces to “brighten the place up” during your open house, then this gift will mean a lot to her.

Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Real Estate Agent:

Cell Phone battery extender
If your agent is continuously relying on her phone (so, 100% of agents), this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Laser Distance Meter Measure

Pen Penlaser Digital Mini 50 Ft Laser Distance Meter Measure Pen With Laser Pointer By Prexiso

Voice recorder pen
Did your agent record your conversations? Were you weirded out at first, but blown away when she not only remembered your entire priority list but also delivered on it? She’ll love having another recording option in her pocket.

The Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents

  • Testimonials – takes just a moment but  Zillow testimonials! Just like a novelist loves reviews on Amazon, Real estate agents love the positive review.
  • Referrals – you loved working with the real estate agent. “A referral or just another call years down the line when that person is ready to sell again.”
  • Thank you notes – some real estate agents find that they would rather have a thank you note than a physical gift.”

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