Love Letter

Love Letter

Love Letter

Did you get my card?
Did you read my love letter?
Did it touch your heart?
When you read my love letter

R Kelly “Love Letter”

“You Got My Letter”

Musicians have long sung about sending a love letter to a love, telling her how she makes you feel, how you want to be with her, to marry her, to convince her of your love.

I talked to a recent home seller on the fourth of July, and it shocked me that he received seven “love letters” from buyers competing with others for his house in his case. Realty Biz News wrote recently, “Many times, especially when multiple people are fighting to buy a particular home, hopeful bidders will include a personal and heartfelt letter to the seller.

You Got My Letter

I hope you’re gonna read it now
And give me some kind of sign
Don’t take much to read it now
You don’t have to read between the lines
And shine a little light on me
And take away this mystery
I need a reason to be here
I need a reason to be
And you’re the reason to me
Don’t fail me now

Boz Skaggs “You Got My Letter”

Love Letter

The letter generally describes how much they love the home and how they can picture their family living there growing up together, hosting holiday dinners in the kitchen or barbecues with the neighbors in the summer. Bidders may also express how they love the upgrades the current owner made and how they plan to take care of the home if they’re able to buy it.”

The idea is that such a letter may help make the buyer stand out.

Now Oregon has banned the use of love letters in the buying process. In recent times, bodies, including the National Association of Realtors (NAR), have warned against the use of such letters. According to the NAR, the letter might contain personal information about the buyer that could lead to accusations of discrimination. It’s illegal for any seller to discriminate based on a buyer’s race, gender, religion, or family makeup. Such a heartfelt letter may contain clues that could lead to the perception of discrimination.

While love letters remain legal in every other U.S. state, NAR recommends against their use. It encourages its members to educate clients about fair housing laws and the possible risks associated with the letters.

The NAR urges realtors to inform clients that they will refuse to deliver any buyer love letter. It also says agents should remind sellers that accepting or rejecting an offer should only be based on objective criteria.

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