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Pest Control

pest control

At times, it is good to seek a pest control company’s services rather than trying to do it yourself. This is the case when your pest problem is ongoing, or the pest infestation has become extensive. Unfortunately, getting the best pest control can prove to be a daunting task. To avoid going through a lot, here are some of the important considerations you need to examine when looking for a pest control company.

Styl Properties, Inc. strongly recommends hiring pest control providers, preferably before your home goes on the market. Sometimes it is better to hire a pest control professional than to try to do it yourself. When you do need to hire a professional, keep the following considerations in mind:

Pest Control

According to The Spruce, “Before allowing the pest control provider to enter your home, ask to see their identification, license, and certification, and check to ensure it is current. Almost every state requires that technicians be certified​ and that they participate in annual training to keep the license current.” ​

“Is the company bonded and insured? Bonding can be important to both protect your property and protect against liability. Visit the company’s website. Does it appear professional? Is it knowledgeable? Do its values correspond with your own?”

These five possible pest infestations are known to harm home resale values: 

Mice and Rats

For weeks, my wife swore we had mice in our new house. She would see a fleet small, gray mass sweep across the floor. I never saw anything until it happened to me. We went searching and found mice droppings in our closet and bathroom drawers. We took everything out, cleaned them, and put down poison. Soon we found the dead critter and carefully moved it to the trash. Luckily, we have seen no further evidence of mice infiltration.

Mice can be expensive to eliminate. They are riddled with deadly diseases and known to disrupt essential household systems. Rodents are a triple threat. It’s jarring to discover mice or rat feces hidden deep within your home’s nooks and crannies. These creatures spread dangerous germs, contaminate insulation, and chew speedily through electrical wires causing internal damage and—in worst-case scenarios—house fires.


Termites are one of the many infestations insurance companies refuse to cover. Routine home maintenance and consistent moisture levels deter termites, making avoiding them entirely possible. When left unattended, these annoying insects eat away at vital wooden foundational structures inside of your home, making termite infestations some of the most disastrous, financially-draining infestations out there.

Powderpost Beetles 

Trackable through state housing records, Powder Post beetles are nasty pests that pride themselves on embedding deep within a diverse range of wooden fixtures—specifically in more modern homes. This virtually indestructible beetle species typically enjoys feasting on newer, denser timbers, making updated wooden home accessories a potential hazard. 

Carpenter Ants

Although annoying, common ants lack the destructive tendencies Carpenter ants boast. While they don’t munch on wood like termites, these unwanted pests bury themselves in wooden frames, causing massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Carpenter ants crack and crumble foundations quickly and efficiently. 

The Bottom Line

Discovering a wide-spread pest infestation in your ready-to-sell home could delay processes and deter potential home buyers. Avoid household disasters, unhygienic conditions, and unexpected expenses with routine maintenance and upkeep. And when it comes time to sell, hiring pest control providers weed out any unwanted hidden housemates. 

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