Privacy is Gone!

Privacy is Gone!

Amazing!  Privacy is Gone! That was my take on this story in Realty Biz News, “A survey of home sellers by Lending Tree suggests that 30% of all home sellers secretly spied on homebuyers in their homes during a showing!!” That’s one out of three for sale by owner houses.

The use of technology has become so cheap and easy to use that a seller can easily tap into a homebuyer’s conversations as they tour your house. In addition, the home’s hidden security cameras can record your every movement and hang on every word. In many ways, technology has changed how we buy and sell homes.

In today’s wired world, you should assume that you, as homebuyers, are monitored during home showings.

Isn’t Recording Someone Illegal?

Laws vary from state to state.  But in general, it is ok to record or use an electronic video device to watch or record people without audio. The use of audio is where it gets sticky. It is generally illegal to use an electronic device to eavesdrop on a conversation or record a conversation without at least one party’s consent. But just because you are not supposed to doesn’t mean they aren’t

Remember that first paragraph: “A survey of home sellers by Lending Tree suggests that 30% of all home sellers secretly spied on homebuyers.” 

What Do Sellers Hope to Gain?

There are several reasons why a seller wants to monitor you in their home:

  • 49% of sellers want to understand the buyer’s likes and dislikes about their home.
  • 36% want to use the information they gather to gain a negotiation advantage.
  • 31%want to ensure the safety of their home and to monitor their valuables
  • 23% want to see what their agent has to say about their home.
  • 10% always have their security cameras on no matter what.

Privacy Is Gone!

According to INMAN, “Many homebuyers are already on alert for cameras when they’re touring a home, and a large share aren’t thrilled about the idea of being recorded.”

According to the survey, 44 percent of buyers said they wouldn’t go through with purchasing their dream home if they learned the seller had surveilled them in secret. In addition, more than half of buyers described the practice as unfair.

What Should You Do?

  • Before stepping onto a property, put your poker face and curb your enthusiasm about the home for sale. 
  • Don’t comment about your desire for the home that may tip off the seller you will cave during negotiations.  
  • Be very careful not to insult the seller’s taste, housekeeping, etc.  Sellers can get hurt feelings which can negatively affect your ability to negotiate.
  • Take the conversation about the home with your agent to the street curb, where you can converse quietly.

Sellers spying on buyers during showings and open houses are just going to become more and more commonplace. 

Just assume during every showing, you are being spied on and act accordingly.

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