Property Tax Lien

Property Tax Lien

Property Tax LienYou worked your fingers to the bone, but if you haven’t paid your local, state or federal taxes, you are in for a carnival ride with the tax authorities. That property tax lien can bind you to the floor as if your feet were in cement. What is a property tax lien? A government taxing authority can file a tax lien and then shake you up but good. They can sell your home to receive the money you owe for back taxes and make you pale in fear.

A tax lien on your property will make it very difficult to convey clear title to a buyer. Typically, a buyer won’t purchase a property if there is any property tax lien of dark or light clouding the title. But We Will! 

But first you may need answers questions about a property tax lien:

  • How to find out if I have a tax lien? If the government determines you owe taxes, they will send you a tax lien notice. They will bill you for the amount owed with a deadline for payment. If you fail to pay the amount owed by the deadline, the taxing authority can place a lien on your property for the total amount of the debt.
  • We will tell you how to search for tax liens on your property.
  • How to remove a tax lien? A tax lien can be one of the worst items to appear on your credit report. It’s considered very negative and can cause your credit scores to drop significantly. Even worse, under federal law, unpaid tax liens can remain on credit reports indefinitely, though in practice credit bureaus may remove them after a decade or so.
  • We will show you how to remove tax liens from your credit report.
  • By law, the IRS must file notice of the Property tax lien removal with the courthouse. Theoretically, the major credit reporting agencies should pick up the release.
  • How to get a tax lien release? When a person pays off a loan in full, the lien ceases to exist. The asset is no longer pledged to the creditor. When this happens, the creditor acknowledges the release of the lien by signing a MortgageRelease of Lien Certificate.

Once the lien attaches, it can be removed only by the government entity, and typically the only way the government entity will remove IRS lien is through full payment of the delinquent taxes, plus penalties and interest.

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