Shoveling Snow in Omaha

Shoveling Snow in Omaha

Shoveling Snow in OmahaAre you getting your home ready for winter weather? Even after sealing windows, replacing furnace filters and protecting your water heater, there is still one chore that you must add to the list: shoveling snow in Omaha

Shoveling snow in Omaha can be back breaking work. Even more frustrating, is that more snow can pile up hours after you have already shoveled your driveway and sidewalks. This makes shoveling snow a very unpopular household chore. It is also a very important household chore, because in many cases, shoveling your snow is not optional. Skipping the snow shoveling can cost you, and it’s better to spend a couple hours getting it addressed before it can become a bigger issue. It’s time to break out the shovels and snow blowers. Either that or be prepared to fork out some cash to the helpful kids in your neighborhood. Here are some ways not shoveling snow in Omaha can cost you.


It is the responsibility of the homeowner to clear the sidewalks of snow after a storm. After the snow ends, in Omaha you have 24 hours to clean it from sidewalks on your property. If you don’t and the neighbors complain, it could cost you.

“Generally, if we get multiple complaints or we try to prioritize based on whether it’s a school, surrounding area of a school or a business district, we have a contract in place that allows us to send the contractor out to clear the sidewalk, then we assess that property for that cost,” says Tim O’Bryan with the City of Omaha.

It could cost you from $75 to $200 if the city has to clean off your sidewalk.


Property owners can face lawsuits and have a legal obligation to keep their sidewalks and walkways free of ice and snow. If someone trips and falls on your property or sidewalk, you can potentially face a lawsuit. In Omaha another reason to clear your property of snow and ice is to avoid become a defendant in a “slip-and-fall” personal injury lawsuit.  A landowner generally has the responsibility to warn guests about any unexpected defects on their property.

Be prepared this winter season and be sure to follow safe shoveling practices. Start slowly, stay hydrated and dress in warm layers, but make sure you do whatever you must do to get the job done to protect your family and your wallet this year.

Omaha Weather

Better get ready. Shoveling snow in Omaha is coming. The weather service is looking for snow showers beginning January second, and temperatures down to the teens.

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