Solve Home-Storage Problems

Solve Home-Storage Problems

We designed our new house with storage in mind, but still, we had to build bookcases in many rooms to solve home-storage problems. According to the American Hardwood Information Center, “There’s no such thing as too much storage space. And that goes double for thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed cabinets, closets, shelves, and other home storage solutions.”

Solve Home-Storage Problems

Let’s look at these unique storage solutions to home storage problems. It might be micro scale, like a drawer to store and charge electronic devices, or a macro project, such as outfitting an entire mudroom. Still, its usefulness, durability, and aesthetics will depend on how good the planning, materials, and execution are. Here are six inspiring examples of solving home storage  problems:

  1. Overall household space – We suggest that you put hanging lamps in the main living space as they will save you from using side tables. You can use the space that side tables occupied for something else. For more play, try stacking your chairs in one corner of the room to create more space in the sitting area. If you have a bike, you can consider installing brackets to hang your bike to reduce congestion. You can also add vertical magazine racks to provide storage space for your magazines, essential files, and documents.
  2. Bedroom space – For space to hang scarves, try using shower curtain hooks as hangers, or you can also add hooks on your bedroom door, which you will use to hang coats and towels to prepare for the winter season. Utilize the under-bed space to keep boxes containing your belongings. You might also consider using desiccant bags for storage as a way of preventing mold damage on your desirable possessions.
  3. Bathroom space – Make space under the bathroom sink by using tension rods. The rod is one of the amazing under sink storage options that works great as an under bathroom sink organizer. It’s the perfect spot to hold all your household cleaners. For example, detergents, body wash, and much more can hang from the rod.
  4. Garage space – This space is an excellent option to store your old furniture or other things that you may not need often. You can use garage space like a shed or as a small metal building for your gardening.
  5. Mudroom storage space – provide separate cubbies for each member of a family. Have a bench built that all share for taking off boots and individual under-seat recesses for storing damp footwear, hooks for outdoor clothing, and lockers for personal items.
  6. Under-Stair Storage – The underutilized wedge-shaped void beneath a staircase is perfect for additional storage space. Add space with custom-built cupboards and drawers. The storage wall also creates an almost sculptural work of decorative design.

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