Ten Signs Your Omaha Home is Overpriced

Ten Signs Your Omaha Home is Overpriced

Ten Signs Your Omaha Home is Overpriced

Pricing your home correctly from the beginning is critical. If you’re selling your home in Omaha, you need to understand that the most common reason a home doesn’t sell is that it is overpriced. It doesn’t matter if other homes in your neighborhood list at the same price. It is more important to know at what price did they sell. Here’s a guide to ten signs your home in Omaha is overpriced

Ten Signs Your Omaha Home is Overpriced

  1. Generally, most homes in a neighborhood are comparably priced. They were all built around the same time and close to the same size. Some differences exist when a home gets upgraded, or there’s an addition. While two comparable homes can have a $50,000 value difference, it is quite rare. By completing a comparative market analysis, you can see what houses have sold for in the past six months.
  2. You have had no or very few showings. If you listed your home and in a few weeks and you’ve had only a couple showings, you need to adjust the price in the hopes to generate some activity and excitement
  3. When two or three weeks go by and no offer, your house is overpriced.
  4. If you interview three real estate agents and one of the real estate agents suggests a price that is $30,000 higher than the others, you need to know how they came up with that number.
  5. Neighbors’ homes are selling, and yours is not. You may have overpriced your home.

More of Ten Signs Your Omaha home is overpriced

  1. Open houses are duds. If you believe that open houses are necessary to sell your home, and not one person walks through the door during the two-hour open house, then your price could be an issue.
  2. Look at internet traffic.  If there has been little to no internet traffic or property inquiries, your what? Your Omaha home is overpriced
  3. Feedback. One of the most significant benefits of hiring a top real estate agent is they know the importance of receiving feedback on their listings. If you’re not receiving feedback from showings, it may be time to think about firing your real estate agent.
  4. You receive low-ball offers. Most overpriced homes will not receive any offers. However, you may receive low-ball offers. Most buyers don’t like to make low offers. They feel it is embarrassing for both parties. If you do receive low-ball offers, your house is overpriced.
  5. An expired listing. Possibly the most obvious way to know a home is priced wrong occurs when it doesn’t sell, and the listing expires.

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