The 6 Fundamental Stages of Any Major Rehab Project

The 6 Fundamental Stages of Any Major Rehab Project

The 6 Fundamental Stages of Any Major Rehab ProjectKevin Perk at Bigger Pockets writes about The 6 Fundamental Stages of Any Major Rehab Project. Properties that are in need of a major rehab can be some real money makers. Over the years he has learned that the worse the property’s condition, the better the deal usually is and the better the profit will likely be. The reason these properties can be such a good deal is simply because there is so much work to be done. They are a major undertaking.

In this post Perk goes through those six stages and outlines what you, the investor, needs to do to see the project through to completion. Even if you have a general contractor, it is best if you remain involved in the project and be available to make decisions and keep things moving along.

  1. Organize – The first task is to make a list of what needs to be done. You can and should usethe estimates from your inspection checklist that I discussed previously. Do any of the major systems need to be upgraded/replaced/installed? Do windows need replacing? What about drywall and trim work? Will the kitchen and baths need major upgrades? What about the floors — what will you cover them with? Will you be adding any features outside, such as a deck, fence or driveway?
  2. Design – Now is your chance to update and improve the property to make it more appealing and bring it up to modern standards. This is the time you should think about open floor plans, bigger baths, and larger and more convenient laundry areas. Now is the time to lay out an awesome kitchen or a back deck. More lighting and space for all of our modern electronic gadgets can also be very appealing. Don’t be afraid to move or remove a wall or two to open something up or make a room larger and more functional. You may even decide to build an addition.
  3. 3.    Install Systems – Once you have organized your rehab project and laid out a basic design, it is time to get the systems in. This means running wires, pipes and ducts through the property. This is the messiest stage of the rehab process, and your contractors will likely be ripping things apart, sawing or cutting holes in everything and basically getting in each other’s way. It can be really tricky to get some of these systems in place, especially in older houses.
  4. 4.    Frame It Up – Once you get your systems in place, you can begin to frame everything up and trim everything out. Again, this is often not an easy task. Getting drywall to look smooth and finished is a skill and an art. A good drywall crew and skilled carpenter is a must here.
  5. 5.    Add Finishes – This is perhaps the most important step in your project. It is what people will actually see and touch when looking to rent or buy the property. This is where your good taste and design skills come into play. The trick here is to get all of your finishes, colors and designs to fit together.
  6. 6.    Put All Together – This can actually be the hardest stage to do. Lots of people can begin a project, but few can actually finish. Here is where you will really need to keep on top of things. You need to make sure everyone has the parts and equipment they need, that small details are not overlooked, that there are actually light bulbs in the lights, that the toilets flush and that the doorbell works.

Many houses you consider for rehab are in need of a total gut job, but you need to know your tolerance level. We are a member of the community and we know that rehabbing, if done right, is rewarding from a financial standpoint, but is also good for the community. No more drug houses with late night visitors and less crime in affected neighborhoods. You can be a part of that, if you do it right.

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