The Value of Working Smoke Detectors

The Value of Working Smoke Detectors

The Value of Working Smoke Detectors

Monday, this sad story appeared on MSN News. They were not aware of the value of working smoke detectors

 “A stray ember from a wood-burning fireplace sparked a house fire over the weekend that killed four people, fire officials in the eastern Nebraska city of Columbus said.

The Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s office said Monday, October 19th, in a news release that Lars Barcel, 27, and Janelle Miller, 28, died in the fire, along with 6-year-old Natasha Lambrecht and 4-month-old Lars Alex Barcel Jr.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office said Monday the four all died of smoke inhalation.

The fire broke out Saturday morning in a house in Columbus’s heart, which is about 70 miles (112.65 kilometers) northwest of Omaha. Firefighters pulled all four from the house and rushed them to a local hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

State Fire Marshal’s investigators and Columbus police determined that the ember from a fireplace ignited nearby combustible materials.

The Value of Working Smoke Detectors

Investigators said smoke detectors were present in the house, but no one connected the batteries.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration of FEMA, on average, 1,000 homes catch fire every day. A home fire in Nebraska can be devastating to a family. Not only can a family lose everything, but there’s the disruption of everyday life, possible guilt, and grief, not to mention the potential loss of loved ones.  There is one critical step to take before a fire: have working smoke alarms! Ten steps to take after a fire.

There are Ten Steps to Take After a Fire:

  1. Be Safe, Be Smart

    It is normal to want to enter the house as quickly as possible to see the damage for yourself and retrieve your valuables.  Please wait until the professionals tell you it is ok.
  2. Know who to call

    It is your responsibility to contact your insurance agent. This is a priority. Calling your insurance agent starts all the paperwork to establish a claim. Call relatives. Call the Red Cross who helps families like yours.
  3. Check Your Family for Shock

    a fire is very traumatic. Everyone will process the loss differently. Get immediate help or counseling.
  4. Establish a home base

    One of the ten steps to take after a fire: try to get back to a routine as quickly as possible. You will need temporary housing, clothing, essential bathroom items, medicines, school clothes for children, etc. Be sure to document everything to be reimbursed by your insurance company. You may even need to ask for a draw on your policy for the basics.
  5. Get a copy of the fire report

    A fire report will discuss where in the house the fire occurred, the time of the incident, the date of the incident, and the incident number if it comes through a fire department.
  6. Secure the property

    one of the ten steps to take after a fire. The insurance company will require this.
  7. Keep track of all your expenses

    and correspondence regarding your loss. A three-ring binder is a handy way to document the process.
  8. Coordinate with your insurance company

    the work needed to restore your home from fire, smoke, and water damage.
  9. Last, many people decide not to live in the house again

    . They take the cash from the insurance company and move on. However, city ordinances, for safety reasons, require the house either be repaired or torn down
  10. Recognize The Value of Working Smoke Detectors,

    and for very little money, you can add a carbon monoxide detector. These simple items can and will save your life.

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